Awareness of and proficiency in the techniques listed below can help you become a stronger, more dexterous, and overall more competent smash player.  They’re presented in small, digestible batches, and with each batch, the techniques generally become more advanced.  Some techniques are cumulative: for example, to understand a Grounded Spike Cancel, it would help to have an understanding of both Directional Influence and Teching. In general, the third item in a batch is not a dire skill to know, but  knowledge of that skill can definitely give you a leg up in battle.

Take your time with each batch before moving onto the next one: you won’t benefit as much from messing with a technique for a minute as you will when you make an effort to really get it down.

This guide is a work in process, so expect updates and adjustments!

Batch #1

Directional Influence
Breaking your fall/teching
Beefy Up-B

Batch #2

Perfect Shielding
Short Hopping
Button Mashing

Batch #3

Deadly 50/50s
Grounded Spike Cancel

Batch #4



In addition to our guide, we highly recommend you check out this series by Izaw.  In his guides, he discusses and demonstrates many of the techniques a player should be familiar with at each level of skill.


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